Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Shut the door
Remove the light
Let the flow flow you
Color it black
Color it silent
See everything in nothing
There is everything in it
The mind
The soul
The physical realities shunned off too long
The creation
The space
Mind space
The invisible existence
The playground of thoughts
Playing freely
Nothing binding them
Let loose
Let carefree
To explore
To expand
To learn
Learn to live
Learn to survive
The light
Of survival
Giving light
Giving warmth
Showing its raw wilderness in its true form
With you
With me
Within you
Within me
The mind
The mind space
The divine mind space
The playground of divine thoughts
Divine thoughts let free and loose
See the wild side and then taming them
Total control
Beyond things
Beyond shapes
Beyond senses
All within the circle
The black circle
Colorful black circle
Point blank
The things that never existed
Straight at your face
The purest insides pristine
That is what created you
That is what created me
Out of nothing
Out of mind
Not magic
Creation of thoughts
The thoughts of creation
No happy
No sad
No lonely
No nothing
The feeling of nothingness
Feels nothing
Obsessed with nothing
Survival on nothing
Your own world of nothing
That’s the warmth
That’s the light
Sometimes you just have to get on with it
Get lost


looking in tomorrow... said...
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looking in tomorrow... said...

hey! dude put your heart out in real sense man>>> But I guess only i can get what you mean so!?!?!?!?!?!
Still love the post man!