Saturday, March 22, 2008

Drops dropping silently.
Winds blowing harmlessly.
The dull, dark sky in the morning.
I take a walk back.
Through the scenes of memory.
The side glance.
At her serene wet face.
Drops from the cloud trickling up and down her sweet lips.
The pink lips curled up slightly.
Embracing the shower at ease.
The music of the wild sea beside.
The clothes clinging to the shivering body.
Holding hands to receive the comforting little warmth.
Walking aimlessly.
She looks at me with the same face.
Closing her eyes, leans forward.
Fingers entwined.
The smell of the sea.
The smell of the rain.
The smell of the wind.
The smell of her.
Slight tremble.
Slight scared.
No regrets.
Just happiness.
Just passion.
The pair of lips too close.
Faint touch.
A small shot back to present.
Eyes swell up.
Drops dropping silently.


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


thats was something
the endin specially
loved it

gr88 !!!


The Striped Lotus said...

That is simply amazing!!!!