Tuesday, December 02, 2008


You don't plan things.
Plans never work.
You just think it.
Trust me.
It'll come back to you.
In time.

Create a thought
Let it free.
A bunch of them?
It doesn't fly.
It doesn't drown.
It doesn't float.
It doesn't drop.
Is it still?

The time.
It covers it.
With everything everwhere.
Links it to everyone.
All the events happening.
All the ups & downs.
All the forseen.
All the unexpected...

Let things come in random.
Better way to be prepared.
Being in a neutrality.

A wise old wizard.
Passing the test of time.
Still busy tough.
Nuturing a child.
New-born let free.
For him to teach.
Send him when he feels its good.


It comes back.

Its random time.


wishing that my baby project works out!!! :) said...

... Nice follow up from mine..Fanatastic!

Its true! you write better than you converse! lol

Lots a love :)

Divya said...

hmm... i'm not sure i get this right.. so you're saying we just have to let things be and let time be the judge?

Shankz said...

I aint saying that let time drive the vehicle of your life... you are the driver, with time as your navigator.
It shows you the turn, you need to take it or leave it...
Left or Right..
Your choice..!!

Divya said...

aaaah that makes sense.. kinda like saying grab it when you have it!

Shankz said...

Tweaking it a wee bit...

Grab it when you get it...!!

You'll get it when you think you are ready.

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

well yes i agree
wn plans dont work
leave everything alone
randomness rocks cz wn ur unprepared then the real things come up which are real in the real sense n not rehearsed .