Friday, August 08, 2008


Why is it that, in every phase of your life, there is atleast one person who takes the decision for you? Or atleast influences you to take a decesion or make an impact on your mindset based upon their values and principles?

Why do people take it for granted that they could just walk inside your head, invited or either wise, play with your thoughts like some LEGO blocks and then walk away?

Why is it that people start expecting things from you the way they prefer it?


Why do others want to control your life?

Man is a social animal. He needs people in and around him. To see. To hear. To touch. To feel. But from being a social animal, things and situations have evolved into a huge self-quenching organism called society.

The relationship that you share with you parents and siblings are true bonds. Blood bonds. It’s like complimentary reactions. You for them and them for you. You might have some responsibilties as a gratitude for what you owe them or would want to give them. But there is a thin line between responsibilities and expectations. And it doesn’t take much time or effort to change state. Even over here, you could be on a safe side. But the real trouble starts when they expect it the way they want.



Barb wire.

You’re stuck in the limitations and conditions of the path for the goal. But whose goal is it? Yours? Think again. It could be. But everything is being hammered onto your head pre-decided. Where is the freedom of thoughts?

In this society, you lose your freedom the minute you are born. Everyone around you starts planning and thinking for you, on your behalf. What’s your name?

Accepted. Just the beginning. But slowly, when you grow up, your mind and brain starts to work in-sync with each other, basically when you have the ability to take decisions, even the smallest and the most lame ones, you aren’t allowed to do so. Rather, you aren’t SUPPOSED to do so. If you’re told to eat, you HAVE to eat. Absolutely no other option. Even if you are not hungry and don’t feel like eating. If you’re told to study, you HAVE to study. Even if you are not in the mood to do so. You know what you need to do and whe you need to do inside you. But, no one ever listens.

These are very basic, blunt, “on-your-face-because-I-have-the-right-to-do-so” controlling your life. But always, there are some people who are present in your life, who you think about whenever you take a step or a decision. Even though you are doing all the thinking and the execution, it is somehow inclined towards the other person’s expectation and reaction. Acceptance is the key over here.

You – accept the way they are

They – accept what you are

Your thoughts and actions originate from your mind, based on your experience, knowledge and/or your feelings, for your weel-being or not. You are smart enough to register it, process it and then practice is. The Super Almighty has given you the brain and the mind and the power of logical reasoning to figure out the things and their consequences. But still you tend to walk the trodden path.

Why do others want to control your life?

It’s your life.

It’s your decision.

It’s your thoughts.

It’s your mind.

It’s you.




I haven’t come here with someone and neither am I going to go back with someone.

It’s me, alone.


You have total freedom to do so, if you want to…!!!


Banarasi Chinky ^^ said...

woh man...
that was deep...

Divya said...

hmmm.. i don't completely agree... yes there are quite a few of us who are pushed into things.. but then again, there are others who have their own independent stand.. free will!
although i completely agree with you on that certain people can influence us a lot... maybe change our point of views altogether,., but then again, isn't it always up to us to decide if we are to accept what they say or not?

as for the studies part.. yeah well.. thats us Indians.. you gotta study when your parents say study! :P

Shankz said...

having a free will to accept what others tell us is perfectly fine.... i aint saying anything about that... I personally always go to others for advices and suggestions.... but when they start telling you WHAT to do, HOW to do and stuff like that.... and SOME people blindly listening and following without any rhyme or reason, that is what pisses me off.....

Sony Bhatt said...

that muffin looks tempting to me, hehehe... on serious note i think i know what inspired u to write this blog

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

for sometime i have stopped thinking :P
if u get some answers plzz leme know

shruti said...

Simple,True and Awesome...:)

The Bald Guy said...


You make me cry!