Sunday, March 12, 2006


I sit down on this wet sand and think …. What am I doing here? Why am I here? Why is it that I feel so lonely and down in my life? I try to remember all the happy memories, all my old friends, the places we visited, the things we used to do…but everything’s just a memory right now. It’s just locked away in some dark corner of my mind which I’d rather not open fearing that it’d make me more miserable. All I wanted to do now was to sit and think. But think what? I don’t have anyone who’ll be waiting for me. I don’t have anyone who’ll say “I missed you” when I go back. I don’t even have anyone who’ll ask me where I’d been to. But as I see the hand painted clouds, the moss covered rocks, the chrome yellow horizon acting like a gap filler between the clouds and the water, the silver colored waves making gurgling sounds, the orange streaks of light like streaks of fire, clouds like wisps of smoke out of a toy-train, the faint display of the moon, the lone star always trying to get near the moon but never can….I felt good. It put my mind at ease. I came to know that I have me for myself. I have someone who’s there for me, with me no matter what. By now the sun had drowned into the calm waters and the sky was getting darker. But the darkness from my mind and heart had been lifted. I felt happy. I felt contented. I felt like myself……..I am not alone…….

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Shayon™ said... me, I can't believe it's the same Shanky writing who I knew back in my skool days. U've improved a lot, man!! Well, don't worry, such situations do crop up in almost everyone's's just a part n parcel of our daily routine, now. So, hw u been doing? Hw cum no mssg, no crap nuthin for all these days?